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 Staff Recruitment :)

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The King
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PostSubject: Staff Recruitment :)    Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:39 am

Hey guys so after some talk with Admins and Mod we have decided to open up once again the recruitment for staff the following positions are being opened up:

Tester (will need to take the testers test )

Teacher (Will be going through the testers test as well)

Additional Notes: When applying for Teacher alongside with the testers test a MOCK lesson will be needed to be submitted to any of the admins who approve candidature for the Teachers position.

A candidature for both Tester and Teacher may be done if the admins believe from prior experience and knowledge you are NOT fit for the position.

So come on Guys do you think you can be NA's Next Teacher or Tester SIgn up here Smile
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Ra Yellow
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Recruitment :)    Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:03 am

Well i want to try a shot at tester
And still if i dont make it i atleast did try and maby did gain more experience aswell Very Happy
I hope i get a fair chance for this Very Happy Also i want to help NA and make people inhere who i care about happy. I want to show all things gab did with his lessons werent for nothing Very Happy
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Staff Recruitment :)
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