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 RPZN - Recruitment

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PostSubject: RPZN - Recruitment    Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:04 pm

RPZN [note to self-make GFX] / Role Playing Zodiac Newbs Nutcase,  North

Ok, guys looking to create a team, to start up on DNF, to actually duel and stuff. Generally DNF is quite competitive and their most likely be a time for you to put down scrub decks. [Crystal beasts, Dragunity] and play things that generally hold they're own, or even Meta.[OMG NOT META].   Anyway, all are welcome though you must be able to Roleplay Duel, To fit your character in the team.

Now we did joke earlier about Names like RPZN - Eddie Murphy , RPZN - Morgan Freeman. this could be an option if we go with this as a theme.  

Leader. We will act as the same level since, this is for fun and Ideally make new Dn accounts. For RP/Trolling purposes.  All are welcome.

Zodiac name _________ / Zodiac Celbrity __________ / Zodiac Animal _____________ ???

Lets see if we actually get a group for this. 
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RPZN - Recruitment
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