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 archetype summon game 1

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PostSubject: archetype summon game 1   Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:34 am

now the na is inactive, so i hope at least there are some activities in this forum to make this forum become active.

there are many archetypes in yu-gi-oh card game, we are going to play this game by using the name of all the archetypes.

here is the example:

1)At the start of game, i as a NPC will randomly announce a name of archetype, for example, gladiator beast.

2)The first player need to reply a name of archetype like this:

gladiator beast end with letter T, so the player need to reply a name that is start with letter T, for example Tellarknight

3)And another player need to do the same thing(if no player i will reply)
(note: you cannot post twice in this game)

4) try to name different archetype as this may increase your score later, try to name the archetype with Alphabet like X,Y that rarely appear.

5)each time you give a name of archetype you add the name of the archetype to your pool.

so the game will in the format like this:

gladiator beast % Traptrix % x-saber % raidraptor % ritual beast % tellarknight % toon % noble knight % The agent % T.G % geargia

player A's pool: traptrix, raidraptor, tellarknight, noble knight, T.G
player B's pool:X-saber, ritual beast, toon, the agent, geargia
(if more player add them too)

6)After you have 5 archetype name in your pool, you calculate your score base on THE NUMBER OF DIFFERENT ALPHABET in your pool AND the length of your archetype name in this format.

for example

player A's number of alphabets: TRAPIXDPOELKNGHB = 16

player A's archetypes name total length = 43

score = 16 x 16 + 43 = 299 point.

7)after you calculate your point you post your score, I will track the highest record of score in this game and of course the name of the one who achieve it.

8)you start a new round by clear your pool and continue with the current word

this game is just for fun, lets try to achieve high point with your knowledge of archetype.

I later may upgrade this game and introduce new mechanic like xyz summon,synchro summon into this game if the game receive good feedback.

please try to involve in this game or make a new event to make this forum active.

The game start with the archetype that have north in the name which is


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archetype summon game 1
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