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 Slifer Learning lessons - FRIDAY

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PostSubject: Slifer Learning lessons - FRIDAY   Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:23 am

Ok so this week i will teach you about synchro summoning. So to summon a synchro monster, you will need what it says on the synchro card, so if it says 1 tuner and 1 or more non-tuner then you will see if it is a tuner or not on the bit where it says if it is a warrior type or something. If it doesnt say then it ISNT a tuner.

To synchro summon,, you wil normally use 2 monsters. For example you could have Stardust Dragon and use 2 lv 4 monsters.However, the 2 monsters you use to synchro summon's levels must add up to the synchro monsters level. So if i have stardust, i need 2 monsters with levels that add up to 8. So if i use Junk Synchron which is level 3 and then i use Cyber Dragon which is level 5. The Junk synchron is a tuner and cyber dragon isnt.

So that is how to synchro summon and there is unlimited synchro summoning a turn i believe.
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Slifer Learning lessons - FRIDAY
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