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 North Academy Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: North Academy Rules & Regulations   Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:24 pm

Rules to abide as you make your stay at North Academy:

1. No  Excessive spamming:
whether it be on a thread or on the CHAT BOX(CB), please remember to keep your posts at a minimum, including most if not all your writing in as few posts as possible)
*excessive spamming in CB will be punished with a banning for periods determined by the admin/mod in charge.
*double posting in a thread will be considered spamming (unless a 24 hour difference is shown between posts)
*Posts on threads must be at least a sentence long (unless directed by the event to be shorter)

-failure to follow this will be met with warnings/ban.

2. No discrimination:
no matter where you are, whether it be in the CB or on a thread, do not discriminate a member or group in any way shape or form.
*this will be enforced by all mod/admins
-failure to follow rule will be met with warning/ban.

3. Respect Moderators:

If a Moderator asks you to stop doing something they deem wrongful, you will respect their decision and follow with their directions. no matter what the situation. Moderators will have the final say on what happens in a "SITUATION", so please be respectful.
-failure to do so will be met with warning/ban.

4.No sexual content:
Sexual content is highly inappropriate and will not be tolerated, if you choose to post either in the CB or on a thread, direct sexual content you will be punished.
*failure to follow this rule will be met with warning/ban.

5. No posting direct images in the chat box:
please be sure to use the SPOILER ([.spoiler][./spoiler] remve the "."s) code when posting a picture as to not lag/deter the conversation that is being held by members.
*failure to do so will be met with warning/ban.

6.No harassment:
Do not harass a member, with constant bugging, and bothers through the chat box/threads or private messages.
-Members harassed can notify any moderator/admin with proof of harassment and punishment will be dealt.
*Failure to follow this rule will be met with warning/ban. (harasser)

7.No Trolling:

Do not troll the members of the academy. Trolling is constantly bugging or annoying members in a way they don't like or making fun of them.

*Failure following this rule will be met with warning/ban.

8. No slandering:
Do not speak about another member in a negative manner, no matter what the case. Regardless if they are on or not.
*failure following this rule will be met with warning/ban.

9. No posting links to other sites:
under no circumstances will you post a link to another site/forum unless approved by an administrator.
*failure following this rule will be met with warning/ban.

10. Do not try to cheat the system:
attempting a loophole in the system, whether it be trying to double post unnoticed, trying to spam unnoticed, or trying to recieve more DP in a wrongful manner will not be tolerated. administrators will deem what is seemingly an attempt at loopholing.
examples: making 2 accounts to continue posting on a thread, or attempting to transfer high amounts of DP to another account via a gfx/deck transaction.
*IF found guilty. members will be met with a PERMANENT BANNING.

11. No shared accounts:
Accounts will not be shared. Members who are found sharing an account will be permanently banned. as well as their respective accounts. under no circumstances can a member sell/giveaway their account
*this will be considered sharing and will be punished

12. Don't use wrongful images as a avatar/signature:
Images will be inspected/deleted if found to be wrongful. examples of this are...but not limited to:
-Size issue
-content in the image
-Coding issue

*Admins will deem what is wrongful or not and you will be notified to change it. if you do not comply, Admins have the right to delete the avatar/signature in question when they see fit.

13.Need Proof of Account:
all members are required to have an active Dueling Netowrk/DevPro/YGOPRO account to verify their account. This is a must, and members will be punished if you do not have a verifiable DN/DEV/YGO account.
*ADMINS/MODS will assess any members legality when they are online. as to keep a form of security.
(if you cannot/do not have an account with any of these 3 programs, the administration will personally verify your email upon entering and will monitor your actions.)

14. No multiple accounts:
Members who are found using multiple accounts will not only recieve a permanent ban but will also be IP banned from the site.
circumstances where a member may have a dual account do exists and you can read more about it below=
*Admins/Mods will deem a member of using multiple accounts and the member will be punished severely.

Punishment guide:
There is no guide.... the admin or mod will assign the punishment they deem fit.
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North Academy Rules & Regulations
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