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PostSubject: JAN 2015 TASKS   Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:06 am


These are the TASKS that each staff position should accomplish for the month of January.
-Please note, failure to do so(or at least attempt) will end up in revision of your position and may lead to suspension/termination.
this month is very important to all North Academy member as its our Anniversary month. so lets make this a productive one.

As always, you guys have shown an amazing interest for the growth of our family here at NA, with that being said, only small things i need to remind you all is to continue to push all staff members under you to provide the best quality events/tourneys/contests/content for our members. Also, you as admins will be in charge of the ANNUAL TOURNAMENT which will be held relatively soon i believe, so try and keep everyone as active as possible. thanks guys.

Guys, remember, not only are you chatbox mod but i need you guys for this month of January to go around the entire site, through each building and checking all content and locking threads that are already dead. we do not want members "NECRO-POSTING", nor do we want this place to seem out of order and chaotic. thanks guys, you're doing an awesome job.

War Managers:
you guys are the most out there, as such, i would love it for you to promote the site a bit more, not even in a spam-worthy way but you guys are pretty much our ambassadors when it comes to going back and forth to different sites. just let everyone know our doors are always open, atm we may be less active in wars, but i believe we should be picking up relatively soon.

Tourney Managers:
Guys, every  month we are supposed to hold a rank-up tournament from Ra to obelisk and from slifer to ra, throughoutt he year. i need you guys to follow up on those rank up tourneys if possible. and also help out with the big tourneys by contacting admins about it thank you.

RolePlay Moderators:
Your job for this month is simple, expand your members, go out there and search for great RP'ers that can and will stay active as an RPer for a long time, to keep the buliding as active as possible. remember guys, its not about the RP its about who RP's with you guys.

Guys, you are literally the greeter to our academy, as you are the individual who actually meets and greets all members in this academy and in terms become what is called "the face" of our academy, so by all means i would love for you guys to be al ot more involved when it comes to what the people want and get out there and find other members that would love to learn more about yugioh.

Ive spoken to you guys, remember to post 2 lessons, on the META, and on a classic take of a deck. thanks guys. appreciate your interest in everyones knowledge.

Graphic Designers:
make threads as to what kind of art members would like to see around the academy. Smile survey our members about what kidn of designs and layouts they like. and who knows maybe we may see more creativity in our academy as such.

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