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 Recruiting Staff

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PostSubject: Recruiting Staff   Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:41 pm

Alright, I have been informed that we are in desperate need of Testers, and could maybe use a few more Teachers and Assistants (their are two types of assistants, Event Managers and Scouters).
So I am recommending any Ra Yellow and above members to apply for the above positions. This will fill the needed positions and balance out the academy.  Administrators, Dorm Leaders, and Moderators are not needed at this time. Refer to this handbook if you'd like to know the responsibilities of any of the positions.


If you are eager to become a member of staff and help out you should apply here.


Lets try and fill the empty positions: 1 of each kind of Assistant, so one Event Manager (you MUST be active and will organize various Academy Events), and one Scouter (you will post about new Yugioh news and events). Lets aim for at least 1 more Teacher (you must post new articles on deck-building, rulings, etc.), and 3 more Testers (you must be very active and able to test new recruits whenever they appear).
SO, lets get the applications flowing SmileAND NO UNNECESSARY POSTING

Founder>Administrators>Moderators>Assistants>Teachers>Testers>Dorm Leaders

(Admins feel free to edit this topic to the right amount of staff members you think we need in one area.)
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Recruiting Staff
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