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 How to properly use Twin Twister

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PostSubject: How to properly use Twin Twister   Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:46 pm

Okay so this lesson is going to be very brief but very essential especially for Ra students who understand how to play the game and do so well but lack certain strategiec mindsets. 

Subject: Blind Twin twistering

^ Don't do that. 

Obviously if there are only 2 sets then this is validated.

Basically the only staple traps being ran now are the solemn brigade, vanity's and Dbarrier. Obviously against Dbarrier twin twister will do you no good so if you are in match and your oppoennt does not main traps and you expect him to side in Dbarriers maybe you should consider siding out twin (This does not apply to all scenarios)

How to reason before using twin twister: I noticed someone do this in a duel: It was an ABC mirror match and Player a had set two cards before using bujintei tsukyomi then set another two after. Player B used twin twister and poped the FIRST two that had been set those ended up being pot of desires and another twin. The two sets he had not hit were a pair of strikes (Imagine who won tha duel).  

What did Player B do wrong: He did not reason. Take a second to think about this the first two were set because Player A HAD TO set them if not he would of discarded them the other two player B set bc he choose to. Of course their will be times when the cards are inversed and if you hit them you are blessed however it simply logical for them not to be.

Holding twin: Unless you want to discard or have another way of getting rid of backrow depending on the situation it will most likely be smarter to hold on to the twin twister unless your forced to make a ballsy move like pend 5 XD. 
The reason why I say hold on twin is imagine this your opponent has 2 strikes and a vanity depending on your deck you may be able to fend of on strike and keep playing but if you get vanitied your deck may not have an out that turn and you lose. however if you wait till they flip vanity you would take out all three in one shot.

Tips: ARtifacts are a popular engine now right now if you believe your opponent is running them do not twin fds
 popping a metalfoes scale and one counter is essentially useless bc they will recover it you are probably better of going for both scales bc if they use counter they will lower there metalfoes count in deck and may not be able to draw into a scale next turn. (this can be incorrect depending on situation)

This is rudementary but incase you are unaware if you have the option of twin twistering in your opponent endphase they won't be able to chain their cards giving you an adv this is most helpful vs metalfoes bc they cannot chain their quickplay spell card or counter which will let you otk next turn 

Thanks for reading have a great day 
(I apologize for any spelling or gramatical errors)
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PostSubject: Re: How to properly use Twin Twister   Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:44 pm

Another way you can abuse twin twisters is on your opponents end phase, if your opponent sets only 2 back row, and you have a clear otk next turn. A lot of decks nowadays also spam a whole bunch of monsters and run over your opponent.
Also like if you have cards that rely on graveyard affect or are playing against artifacts, your opponent can't use most of them. Just another possible scenario. Using twin twisters on your opponents end phase after they just set trap cards/quick play makes it so they can't chain them.
Anyways good lesson. Very Happy
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How to properly use Twin Twister
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