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 PLEASE READ: Important announcement to all staff and members1

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ: Important announcement to all staff and members1   Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:52 am

For this week only,  after this event on Sunday, I need every staff member to recruit at least 2 people. I dont always like recruiting but this week it will need to be done to jump start our forum..

I will make a recruitment thread. If a member recruits like 5-10 people that stay I will be giving them a mod position. The reason im doing this is because I have some yugioh groups on facebook that will join us on our forum for tournaments if we get members on here. Each group has 50+ members.
The main barrier is our inactivity.

For those who may want to help our forum grow and have a staff position this is a really good way to prove yourself. My main concetn especially is i see people who are staff here and in my opinion don't contribute enough overdrive their positions.. Members look up to us as a leaders and follow us we should recruit.

I also dont want to be the only person starting topics and posting. I will be gives 100 points pwr member for recruiting alobg with a potentisl staff positionThere's only 1 staff here besides me who posted more than 1 topic. I made 8 topics this week and posted a lot. Anyone who recruits someone pleas post a reply on who you recruited. I will be tallying up points
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PLEASE READ: Important announcement to all staff and members1
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