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 Staff Salary Announcement

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PostSubject: Staff Salary Announcement   Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:54 pm

North Academy has decided to come up with a system to pay to staff members a salary according to their contribution to the academy. The salaries could be immediate, weekly or monthly.

The system is as follows:


Tester gain 200 DP for each test.

Teachers gain 500 DP for each two lessons, 1000 for each two tests.

Event Managers gain 2000 DP for every successful tournament, 500, for every successful live.

RolePlay Managers gain 3000-4000 DP according to how successful their RP went. Maybe reach 5000 DP if they finish an RP.

Graphic Designers: They won't really follow the system, since they either have their own shop or they do GFX for the academy when we ask them for it and they gain money or DP we agree on at that time.

War Managers: 3000 DP for every won war. 1000 DP for every lost war.

Moderators: 5000-6000 DP According to their contributions to the academy.

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Staff Salary Announcement
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