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 slifer homework 3.0

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PostSubject: slifer homework 3.0   Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:50 am

Hey slifers this is your homework you have 2 choices but either way your going to be doing both. Choice 1 an arch-type deck and duel with it  until you get 5 wins conservative wins I should say. Choice 2 you build an anti something deck like how heroes have dark heroes or melodious has d/d/d see demons vs angelic creature and  you must get 5 consecutive wins. Now rules NO NETDECKING at all and I will be checking so don't try to be slick. The homework is due next week Saturday. You must pm me your wins and deck and tell me which choice you picked and also have fun with this homework anyone who does great on this might 500dp but if you do the minimum you will 250 dp or if you had already started it because i messed up you get more dp but you must have submitted it before 6:14 PM 12/4/15
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slifer homework 3.0
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