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 noob is more smarter than duelist in dn, do you agree with me?

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PostSubject: noob is more smarter than duelist in dn, do you agree with me?   Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:50 pm

all of the noob don't know much of the rules so there cannot argue with you, but what will happen if they know the cheating skill?

1)mst is the most powerful card

(level 1:using a fake rule)

a)my opponent summon mobius the frost monarch, activate its effect, target my face down abyss-sphere, i chain my abyss-sphere, he think i am cheating.

my opponent:" do you know if effect like mst target a face down continuous spell or trap, you cannot activate it? here is the link^^"

(that link is about when mst chain to a continuous spell or trap, it can prevent it from resolution)

so i explain, but i am hard to make her believe me since he dont understand what that link state, and the most funny thing is she tell me no one even stop her so she must right.

but when i looking at his rating, i think he is just trolling==

2)summoner monk can ignore vanity emptiness

(level 2: create a new rule)

i activate instant fusion and pay 1000, he chain vanity emptiness, i end my turn.

during his turn, he normal summon summoner's monk and discard a spell to activate effect(he cannot even discard in case like this if i am not wrong)

so i try to make a joke with him^^

i said:"hey, why you can special summon but i cannot?"

he figure that he was wrong but he dont want to show it to me, so he use his ultimate cheating skill and create a new rule to solve the problem.

he said:" you are right, but after i discard my spell card from hand, vanity destroy immediately, so i can continue to special summon......

wow...... it is funny that i accept it and win the duel...

3)i know what is the meaning of target!!!!

(level 3: ignore all the rules)

wow, perfect hand, i got a raidraptor fuzzy lanius, icarus attack, solemn warning, mirror force and breakthtough skill in my hand, so i set all the card to the field and prepare to wreck my opponent.

my opponent summon maiden of blue-eyes
(so i am thinking must be a blue-eyes deck)

he activate solidarity
(then i am thinking it is funny that he dont even have a dragon or spellcaster monster in his graveyard.)

he special summon a blue-eyes white dragon from his deck.
(this is really shocking me, i at least stun 3 seconds)

i said:"hey, why you special summon a blue-eyes from your deck?"
(i already  know he is trying to use maiden effect, but this is not logic)

he said:"idiot(call me a idiot==), cannot you read my maiden effect?

i said:"which effect, can you please copy it?"

he copy the target effect.............

i asked:"which effect target it00"

he had benn stuned for 5 seconds, then he answered:"solidarity"

i replied:"which effect of the solidarity target"

his reaction is ignore me and attack my face down fuzzy, i quit...
(really dont know how to explain.....)

he really know what is target right?

( i am a duelist)

(final technique, level MAX, i am the rule)

this is a really long story, but i made the cheater banned.

i am lazy to state all the parts, but i though if i suggest him duel in rated duel, i can help him understand the ruling, but he just get a banned after this.......

activate dark hole and trying to destroy artifact monster from spell/trap zone and ss them during his own turn.

admin declare he lost, he still trolling and his opponent got no more option but call admin another time.

he still argue that he won last turn........banned

before i suggest him duel in a rated duel, he told me that he is a duelist, after 7 rated duel, he got a banned.....

dn= dealing with noob

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PostSubject: Re: noob is more smarter than duelist in dn, do you agree with me?   Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:28 pm

I remember having to put up with noobs when I made my account and had to duel low rated people first. It's painful to witness. xD
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noob is more smarter than duelist in dn, do you agree with me?
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