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 North Academy Starter Guide

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PostSubject: North Academy Starter Guide   Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:57 am

Section 1. Basics

Academy Currency: The academy currency we use is DP which is also known as duel points, with duel points you can spend them on items at our main shop or other various shops on the academy.

The amount of duel points you have can be found in your profile or next to every post you make on your left.

Warnings:Every-time you break a rule you, you receive a warning, if you receive enough warnings you receive a temporary or in some cases a permanent ban.

The amount of warnings you have can be found in your profile or next to every post you make on your left.

Reputation: Your reputation represents your social standing in the community, the default value for anyone reputation is 0, the higher the reputation the better.

Every-time you make a post, people can vote on that post by pressing "+" or "-" that is found on top right corner of every post.

So obviously when creating posts or replying to threads you want to do it wisely Smile

Dorm ranks: Here at north academy we have 3 possible dorms ranks you can achieve upon first joining and taking a dorm tests.

  • Slifer red(beginner level)

  • Ra Yellow(intermediate level)

  • Obelisk Blue(advanced level)

Of course, once you meet certain requirements you can then access some of our exclusive dorms

  • Chaos whte(Dueling prodigy)

  • Abandoned dorm(Dueling Legend)

For more information on our dorm system, click here

section 2. What is there to do on North Academy

  • improve you skills and become a better duelist

  • Move up the ranks and eventually get into the abandoned dorm

  • Become a staff member of the academy and help out

  • Role-play

  • Compete in tourneys,  inner academy wars or various events

  • Socialize and chat with other people in the chat-box

  • Earn prizes

  • Invite others to north academy and earn more Duel Points

  • Duel against many others to earn duel points

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North Academy Starter Guide
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