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 zefra, a creative deck

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PostSubject: zefra, a creative deck   Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:37 am

zefra is a archetype that have many flexibility to make many types of combo^^

zefra consist six archetypes from different types of summon method, which is:-

shaddoll(fusion summon)
ritual beast(contact fusion)(contact fusion is not a fusion summon)
yang zing(synchro)

all zefra monsters' level are from 2 to 6, all zefra monsters are pendulum monster with scale 1 or 7.

even though some zefra monsters cannot support other archetype except zefra, they still have some connections and combo between them.

zefra also have their own support cards like oracle of zefra and zefra divine strike.

all zefra monsters except nekroz monster have a trigger effect that activate when you pendulum summon them.

the searcher from all 5 other decks also can work with zefra, all zefra monsters except nekroz also share a similar trigger effect method with their other archetype:-

ritual beast tamer zefra monsters

similar with ritual beast tamer monster: activate effect when normal summon

yang zing zefra monsters

similar with yang zing monster: activate effect when destroy by battle or effect / special summon from deck(this effect for support yang zing since yang zing can easily summon other yang zing monster from deck)

shaddoll zefra monsters

similar with shaddoll monster: activate when send to graveyard

tellarknight zefra monsters

similar with tellarknight monsters: activate effect when normal summon and flip summon.

all zefra monster also can support other archetypes^^

1)zefra monsters consist all six attribute,when you are using shaddoll fusion, it can allow you to toolbox^^
(konami planned this, this is why el shaddoll monsters got 6 attribute too)

2)zefra monsters also provide two more ritual beast tamer monster to balance the number of ritual beast tamer monsters with spiritual beast(zefrapilica can be run in ritual beast deckļ¼‰

3)yang zing zefra monster can also search a yang zing spell/trap and make a yang zing monster become tuner to make more combo

4)tellarknight zefra monster provide some removal effects and spam power to your deck.

5)nekroz zefra monsters, not much, zefrasaber can be use as ritual spell00

so, with the flexibility of this deck and the pendulum summon condition, you can create many versions of zefra decks^^

if anyone have ideas about zefra deck, please reply, thank you^^

this is not a deck discussion, just a introduction.

creative is the weakness of meta
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PostSubject: Re: zefra, a creative deck   Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:35 am

first off,its 5 archetypes,Zefra is the combination of em.Secondly,it wasn't planned for some,going back to El-Shadd Shek,Shadds were supposed to be part some Qli/Infernoid triangle,other than that tho,everything else was right
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zefra, a creative deck
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