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 Gloria's Suggestions

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Black Rose Witch
Black Rose Witch

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PostSubject: Gloria's Suggestions   Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:23 pm

Hello everybody, Gloria here with some suggestions for the academy.

First of all, before I start giving my suggestions, I would like to say that, I know I have no authority to actually say something, but since this is a democracy I would like to try and help the academy become a better place, these are just friendly suggestions, so it is okay if you don't like these ideas, but please be nice, and sorry If any of these ideas annoy you.

Anyways, Let's get started.

1) I want to start of with one of the academy rules, which is rule 17.
[17. No multiple accounts.]

The problem I think about this rule is that, it is not clear. It would be better if you wrote it in a more "understandable" text. Why? First of all, people have siblings, and if they are siblings it means they live together, which means they have the same IP. What I would like to know is, are people allowed to let sibling join the academy?

2) Clickable banners - While it is not necessary to have "Clickable banners" it is definitely more interesting and faster to click. Especially if you are on a [Mobile] or [Pad].

Once again, I apologize if these ideas annoy you, or has been mentioned in the past before, this is just a friendly suggesting post.

NA is already a perfect community, however in my opinion it would be nice to have these additional touches.

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Obelisk Blue
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PostSubject: Re: Gloria's Suggestions   Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:47 am

We have read your suggestions and as following we will explain rule 17 in depths: The multiple accounts issue is an interesting one...however , our admins do not just flat out ban a member's IP for using multiple accounts. Before a member is banned for using multiple accounts a deep investigation is done on both (or more) accounts to be sure the individual is the same. There have been cases in NA where a member has gone unnoticed for months because of the difference in behavior of both accounts. It's a tricky scenario but as an admin/mod you have to know how to observe these things. Multiple accounts are either made for these and more reasons:
-forgetting passowrd(which we will happily reset it for you and delete the alt account)
-getting away from other members (which is understandable and discretion is ok, just inform us about it and we will delete your original account)
-lashing out for a ban/suspension (we do not tolerate this behavior)
-using the alt to loop the system :I.e dueling/posting/duel points (intolerable)

There can be a number of reasons but again the rule is kept short because it is up to the administration to determine the severity of your action. As such the rule is kept simple.
To answe your question : yes all your family can enjoy the academy under 1 IP , just know we do require a tested member and a legal DN name when signing up.


For your next suggestion, we are actually looking in to a few new and fresh ideas for NORTH ACADEMY's layout and we will take the "clickable banners" into serious consideration. We appreciate your enthusiasm in assisting us grow as a community and wish your stay here to be an awesome experience

Thank you,

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Gloria's Suggestions
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