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 (scd)fire king's island

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PostSubject: (scd)fire king's island   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:27 am

Fire King's Island
Field Spell card

If this face-up card in the Field Zone is sent to the Graveyard or banished: Destroy all monsters you control. You can only use 1 of the following effects of "Fire King Island" per turn, and only once that turn.
● During your Main Phase: You can destroy 1 monster in your hand or that you control, and if you do, add 1 "Fire King" monster from your Deck to your hand.
● If you control no monsters: You can Special Summon 1 FIRE Winged Beast-Type monster from your hand.

1)for the first eff, it is a searcher + trigger eff, but you need to becareful you must successful destroy your monster to get the search eff 00 since most of the fire king monster need to be destroy by card eff to trigger eff, you now can save some slot for more backrow^^

2)for the second eff, it allow you to summon garunix and neph more easily^^
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(scd)fire king's island
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