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(RPFC) Shiki
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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR NA FAMILY !!!   Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:53 pm

Hey there cut sweetie adorable gorgeous sexy kind hawt
and most of all lovely people
be happy and
I love you all really much you just cant even imagine it all. You all do have a special place in my heart and i love you all. You all to me arefamily. Sister brothers and even a mommy. I Really really love everyoen here and hey ists new year.

Its 2015.. A another year in NA my second one already. The time flies if have fun,. And fu i have alot thx to everyoen here. I wish you all a happy new year a good heatlhy 2015 and that you will find alot of luck love fiends make new firiends smile alot and well be part of my family <3.

Ty all for all the amazing beautifull moments. Last year. 2014.
It was a great year really. I loved, smiled, cryd, hurted, supported, cheered up, shared and cared this year.

I kissed
I hugged ALOT ahaah i really hugged so much XD
Also was i able to get my dream on NA come true. i made it to RP mod/manager. Its just i did what i really wanted to become in NA. Maby because of my reall life will be busy i may get replaced or canned i dont care and i would cr my eyes out if that would happen. Still 2014 wasmy RP year. My year on NA and no one will ever be able tot ake that away from me.

I want to thank really everyoen here for being there for me when i needed someoene. Ty so much.

Also did i meet my 2 teachers Gabriel and DLNC. THx to those 2 amazing man i learned how oot duel properly. Thx to gabriel i became a huge battlin boxer nightmare and thx to him for once in my life peopele looked up to me. and his huge post later on abou being proud on me. TY i still read those words almost every single day. Now i also got DLNC and he did become my new mentor. Helearned me alot about my deck and i feel this time i will be a huge player and terrorize the battlefields of ygo.

I want all my friends every single one

Jesse S., Agent Ace, Hazzy Boi, Chaz92, Phantom404, Hero, Pot of Benevolence, AM-Heather2, Noble Magician Girl, watergod, maxenceaugier, EbilKid, LemonRosey, INUZIRO, Princess Alex, stephen.borkowski, (Chaos)blade, DLNC4444, supdesup, <3 ashley xxxx, KING_ATLAS, agammemnon6, You May Call Me Sir, patrick1324, Gabriel, ! ! Z3RO, kanzume goddess 1, Celestialus, Spirits of the deeps, ToFeelTheLifeOfOthers, peaceflower, Nudist
Proffessor Banner, Atticus Rhodes, Locktop, Jaguar, Kleinoel, Kalin Kessler, Drewzer 44, Keo, iAmFlam3ezZ, God Father, Rust Gloves, getrekt, bayar, dark angel, raid, tiger9866, JB001, simply unlucky, Alexis RHodes, sharon 372, Stewie griffin, KM888, topdecked, kaiza, mycah, runzy, AF7, tetsuya kuroko, Lokos, lightphoenix, PLivingston, turtle, dunjuan, H.B.D. Shuffler, average, repeater, Lucy, Genive Chan, xxbongsmoker,gabriel_fairfox, judgment dragon, onyx dragen, Aurora, Fangirl, The lifeless one, KC ganja,

(if you are not in the list then i actually dont know you)

I want to give a special thx for my dear mommy Selena.
Youare like a mom to me and i respect you alot. You are amazing. I want to thank you the most for supporting me and always being there for me. ty if i didnt have met you i wouuldnt know how i wuld feel but i would bprobably feel lost and maby dead i dont know. you give me the most strength to keep on fighting and i will for always be in your debt for waht you did to me.

Ilove you al really much anf a happy 2015 lets start a new amazing year all together. Lets do it together like a family Very Happy

many hugs kisses and so so much love
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Obelisk Blue
Obelisk Blue

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PostSubject: Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR NA FAMILY !!!   Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:02 pm

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tourney Manager

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PostSubject: Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR NA FAMILY !!!   Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:55 pm

I've been here 12 months, and I'm here to stay, so Happy New year to you as well ^,^
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