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 (scd)the searcher of crystal beast, vanguard

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PostSubject: (scd)the searcher of crystal beast, vanguard   Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:40 am

crystal vanguard/dark/lv3

pendulum monster/spellcaster/effect

scale 5.5

atk:1300 def:1000

pendulum effect:
All "Crystal Beast" cards, "Rainbow Dragon", and "Rainbow Dark Dragon" you control cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects.

monster effect:
You can Tribute this card; add 1 "Rainbow Dragon", 1 "Rainbow Dark Dragon", 1 "Crystal Beast" monster, or 1 "Crystal" Spell/Trap Card (except "Crystal Counter" or "Violet Crystal") from your Deck to your hand.

1)for this card pendulum effect, this card is a good protection effect, but.........

this card only can protect crystal beast card, rainbow dragon and rainbow dark dragon, so this card cannot protect crystal support card.........

2)for the second effect, i believe everyone knew the game mechanic for a pendulum monster, this card will send to extra deck instead of send to graveyard, this card search range is so wide and really can search almost every card and support card in this archetype, and the best thing is if you can pendulum summon this card from your extra deck, you can reuse this effect again and again.
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(scd)the searcher of crystal beast, vanguard
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