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 dragunity new hope, but i still want dragon ravine come back.......

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PostSubject: dragunity new hope, but i still want dragon ravine come back.......   Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:52 am

Dragunity Spear of Destiny
( is that the destiny for dragunity that lost a important searcher?)

Equip only to a "Dragunity" monster. It gains ATK equal to its Level x 100, also it is unaffected by Trap effects. During your Main Phase: You can equip 1 Dragon-Type "Dragunity" Tuner monster from your Deck to the equipped monster. You can only use this effect of "Dragunity Spear of Destiny" once per turn.

alright, ignore first and second effect, the thing i want to use is this card's third effect, which is very amazing(of course field spell is better)
but it just perform what the dragunity really need, my target must be phanlanx, so i can synchro......

i fell so sad when the dragon ravine is banned, this is not fair, dragunity is innocent.......

c'mon, when the dragon ravine will come back, even is limited but we all know this card's power.

ah yes, forgot to say this, we love dragon ravine also because it is searchable by terraforming, unlike equip spell it is hard to search.
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dragunity new hope, but i still want dragon ravine come back.......
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