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 New Teachers exam(7-21-2014)

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PostSubject: New Teachers exam(7-21-2014)   Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:39 am

Mock Dueling Portion: (25/25)
An admin or teacher will duel you in this portion tgrade you based on your dueling skills

Rulings test:
https://testmoz.com/327435 (25/25)
complete rulings test.... pass is north (passing score is 8/10)

Mock Lesson: (25/25)
In this portion you are to come up with a lesson and submit it to admin or teacher.... they will grade you based on the quality of the lesson.

Mock deck build: (25/25)
A teacher or admin will create a crappy   deck build and have you fix it. We will grade you based on performance.

passing score is 80
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New Teachers exam(7-21-2014)
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