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 New System for all members and staff(must read)

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PostSubject: New System for all members and staff(must read)   Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:45 am

dorm members:
If you are ra yellow dorm member or higher and have been inactive for more then 1 week  be bumped down by 1 dorm.... for each week that passes you lose a rank.

Vacations for dorm members and staff members:
If you are staff member or dorm member who needs to take some time off because of important matters....

just post in the introduction and fairwells in advance and let us know that you need to take some time of and your position or dorm rank will not be at risk. Though if you are inactive for more then a month or abuse the vacation requests we will strip you of your rank.
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New System for all members and staff(must read)
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